Voice of Director
Voice of Director

The world has been changed much due to different crisis & appeal. A completely new era has already been introduced because of this pandemic. Several sectors including education have to be revised as well as rescheduled to keep pace with the sustainable development, no doubt. 

Though RAFT, a complete authentic solution of English Language to the students, started functioning in 2000, only recently has it introduced Online Education to sustain students' progress even in this crisis moment. 

Along with this website, a student-friendly Android App has also been generated so that the students can easily access all the facilities of RAFT. A student can certainly be benefitted both ONLINE and OFFLINE through this platform. 

Feel free to share your each & every opinion in getting the maximum benefit. Together, we will head to a much brighter way, In Sha Allah


Rafiqujjaman Robin


RAFT Language Academy

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